Hello Camp Half Blood (OPEN)

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Hello Camp Half Blood (OPEN)

Post by Evan Lewis on Tue Aug 03, 2010 9:01 am

Evan stared out of the window as her father drove up to a hill with a pine tree towards the top. He had just finished explaining everything about demigods, camp, monsters, and Greek gods and frankly, Evan didn't belive a word of it. Evan turned to her father, he was dressed in his Navy uniform, he was going on tour in Iraq and had decided to send her to this so called Camp Half Blood. "You will be safe once you get past the pine tree." He told her. "Okay. Bye dad." She said, oppening the door. "Bye Evan, I love you." He said as she stepped out of his black Honda Accord and oppened the back door for Blair. The reddish gold golden retreiver hopped to of the car and began to sniff at the grass. " Love you too dad." Evan said, tears forming in her eyes. She shut both the front and back doors and waved as her dad drove away, looking in the rearveiw mirror as he went.

A single tear slid down her cheek when she could no longer see the carl. Evan whipped it away quickly. She wasn't a very emotional person, and did not cry often. If her dad was just going back to their small appartment in New York, Evan wouldn't be crying. But no, her dad was going to Iraq, and there was the possibility that he wouldn't come back. That thought made more tears come, she whipped them away with the sleeve of her navy hoodie and trudged up the hill. Blair followed close behind her and occasionally went of to sniff something. Each time Evan whistled and she came proudly trotting back. The site of her beautiful golden retreiver made her smile sadly. Blair had been a gift from her father a few days before her twelfth birthday. She hardly left Evan's side and was very protective. Evan loved the fact that Blair had loud bark that could stop people in their tracks. Of course Blair's size helped alot as well. The golden retreiver probably weighed about 80 to 90 pounds, and was tall for a golden.

When Evan got to the other side of the pine tree, she threw her dark green duffel bag to the ground an sat against the tree. Blair sat beside her, with her head on Evans legs. "What are we going to do now girl?" She whispered. Blair merley gave Evan a look that said 'whatever you do, I'm with you' and then licked her hand. Evan scratched her ears and thought about what her father had told her about demigods and stuff 'A demigod is half man, half Greek god, you are a demigod.' "Yah right, there is no possible way, they don't exist, I refuse to bel-." Evan mumbled to herself, only to be drowned out by thunder. "Oh great." Evan mumbled sarcastically, standing up and grabbing her bag.
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